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Senior Meet Saturday January 14, 2012

Posted Saturday, January 14, 2012 by David LeClair retyped by Bonita Coulson

Today we honored our 4 seniors. The following was prepared and presented by David LeClair:

   "Our first senior is Matt (Hey). This was Matt's first year on varsity and so far, he has survived. Matt was a great addition to the team this year. We needed him for our medley relay team for the butterfly. Matt's best event was the 100 butterfly, which is the stroke that none of us wanted to swim, but he did it anyways no matter what. My favorite memories with Matt are probably just hanging out with him and seeing the expression on his face when we had our early morning practices, and let's just say, he definitely didn't want to be there. But he still pushed on through the tough workouts we had to do. The team and I have shared many great memories with Matt and will surely miss him.
   Our next senior is Curtis (Apple). This was Curtis's 3rd year on the team. Curtis was always a good team player. Curtis in the past years has always hated swimming the 500 yard freestyle, but this year, he had made it his main event and he did, well....pretty good at swimming it! Curtis always had a funny personality along with the "I'm going out to hunt and fish and miss practice". I remember his first year on the team, he was in one of the relays and he called himself "the trailer" because he was the last one to swim on the relay team. Ever since then, we have always called him "the trailer". Curtis, I can surely say, you have always been a fun person to be around with myself and the team. We are going to really miss you.
   Our third senior is Clay (Coulson). This was Clay's 4th year on the team. Clay was yet another good player that we needed for the team. He always has swam the breaststroke for our relay team. Clay's main event was always the 100 breaststroke and he always did an amazing job with it, always coming in first place. Now clay was part of the group that I had made friends with when I came up to the team in 7th grade and I have shared many fun memories with him and the group, and I can't thank you enough for that! My best memories with Clay was when him and I always hid in the locker room, or "the bunker" as we would call it, whenever coach had a 'code black', which is when he gets really mad at us. Clay, the team and I are really going to miss not seeing you after this season.
   Our last senior of the day is Tyler (Webster). This was Tyler's 5th year on the team. Tyler is one of the best swimmers that I know of. He swam all the events that there were during his time on this team. His best though, is the 100 backstroke. Tyler no matter what, always wins this event and hopefully will make state qualifying time soon. Tyler almost went undefeated this year with all the events that he swam; he only had one loss which is something that not a lot of people can say. Tyler also chose to swim double practices some days which was 5 plus hours of swimming a day and for that, we really admire him. Tyler always got us the points that we needed in the relay races to win the meets which was a lot of stress on him, but he always pulled through. I have to say Tyler is the perfect image of the ideal teammate. Some of my favorite memories with Tyler were just being friends together. He was one of the first friends that I had made when I came up to the team. I also swam off season with Tyler in the summer and fall to get better with him and he always showed me how to make my stroke better. Tyler, I and the team will miss you and will miss seeing you have your victories in swimming.
   This group of seniors is the last of the original team I was with, the last of the older freinds that I have made on this team. I love all of you like brothers and it's hard to see you guys at your last meets of your last swim season. On behalf of the team, I can say we are all going to miss all of you. Now let's all go out and have one last home meet together and let's make it the best home meet that we have ever had."

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